Training should be carried out by CAA approved Gyroplane Flight Schools and Instructors.

Practice without a Valid Pilot License: Minimum 30 Flying Hours.

Theory Training about 60 Hours, including following Topics:

  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Navigational functions
  • Technology
  • Air right
  • Aeronautical radio
  • Behaviour in special cases
  • Human efficiency

Needed Documents:

  • Pilot-medical investigation (class II)
  • Police certificate of good conduct
  • Confirmation that at present no criminal procedure exists
  • Certificate of a first aid course
  • Training registration

Practice if having a Valid Pilot License: 20 Flying Hours.
Theory Training including following Topics:

  • Technology
  • Behaviour in special cases

Needed Documents:

  • Valid pilot-medical investigation (class I or II)
  • Valid sport pilot license (SPL UL = ultra light license)
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