The Calidus is the ideal addition to the MTOsport. Since its launch in 2009, it enjoys great popularity. As a closed gyro, it is perfect for flight zones with cooler or unstable weather, and it offers its passengers uppermost comfort.

With the proven Rotax engines, a self-supporting body cell of fiberglass/carbon fiber and an interchangeable hood, the Calidus is perfectly equipped for long-haul flights. Because of the innovative aerodynamics, AutoGyro managed to improve the efficiency and thus the range, compared to the MTOsport.

Technical Specifications of the Calidus:

L x W x H: 4,8 m x 1,7 m x 2,7 m
Rotor diameter: 8.0 or 8.4 m
Cruising speed: 160 km/h
Maximum speed: 185 km/h
Motor: Rotax 912 ULS (100 PS) or Rotax 914 UL2 (Turbo with 115hp),
the two motors each with reduction gearbox 1:2,43

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